La Leona Women Painters' Guild

La Leona Women Painters’ Guild is a multicultural arts collective committed to supporting female artists whose work reflects the archetype of the divine feminine.  Member’s work encompasses and honors the essence of the transcendent and the unconventional.  Artists and their work are promoted through the guild’s participation in year round art and craft fairs, festivals, trade shows, auctions and gallery exhibitions.

To be considered for guild membership, applicants must have significant artistic experience and a deep love and commitment to artistic endeavors.  All mediums are considered.

No new memberships accepted at this time.



Sadee Brathwaite

The female figures in my work connect to and stand for the universal female.  All that is woman is celebrated.  Her energies, thoughts, memories, dreams and spirit are explored, expressed and broken down through out my paintings.  The ground space is a metaphor for the celestial universe and the figures in most pieces transcend ordinary portraiture.

As I paint the many faces of women I unite with a larger understanding of humanity.  This expression allows me to reveal aspects of myself and my connection to womanhood.  The paintings reflect an expanded world view as I engage in exploring multiple dimensions.  I convey these different realities through color, layers and composition.  The first layers include carvings that reference ancient mark making.

Biomorphic forms, expressing different states of being and emotions, serve as a parallel to the human form and are often combined with the figure in the work.  At times they go unnoticed and at others they are highlighted through color.  These forms along with the female figure reveal many facets of archetypal beings who exist eternally in the cosmos.  The paintings are larger than we are and yet somehow are us, existing in multiple spaces, communicating and embodying portraiture in a new form.


Assistant Director

Eleana Pellegrino

I create art as self-expression and a way to get closer to myself.

My work is about the process; the visual journey.

Using color, line and texture in correspondence to the way I feel.

Each painting has a moving quality and a place to meditate. 

They are emotionally and atmospherically based…

visually representing what is inside me.

They reflect the natural beauty and despair of life.


Administrative Assistant

Miranda Varela

Miranda Varela, born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been continuously exploring the questions raised by being a mixture of both Latin American and North American culture. The theme of cultural and ethnic hybrid, by being both Latina and American, has been constant in her work. Through her paintings she creates small vignettes that depict the struggle of trying to adapt while at the same time to remain loyal to her Argentinean roots.

Miranda is both a printmaker and a painter. Her bold colored portrait paintings have characters with large, expressive eyes. She mixes both a feminine naiveté with a strong sense of sexuality. Miranda has paid homage to Frida Kalho and Alex Katx in her use of imagery and color. She also works with fabric, creating bright colored worlds with intricate embroidery. Currently Miranda is continuing her narrative of being an immigrant and cultural hybrid and also launching her innovative brand, MIRU.



Shirley Panton Parker

I create art across several visual mediums utilizing found objects, fiber and natural materials.  The work captures the essence of spirit in the images of the divine feminine. I am interested in how materials interact and different textures interface.  The art is a tactile experience of the physical world.  Through the manipulation of materials and textures I create representational and non-representational art in celebration of life with a focus on the feminine.

Through ancient cultures and religions, I find expression in traditional indigenous art forms. I use fiber, glass, cloth and beads to mold and create two and three dimensional art based on a variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. I explore traditional materials and art forms to develop a non-traditional format in which to create contemporary art.


Amy Summers

Amy Summers is a folk artist who also considers herself an "outsider artist" in the sense that she has not had any formal training despite the fact that her father is a professional artist.  Her father, Ian Summers, educated her non-traditionally throughout her childhood by exposing her to as much art as possible.  In the mid 1980s - early 1990s Amy toured the U.S. and Europe selling her art at music festivals and living on a renovated school bus.  She lived in CA, VT, NY, PA, MA and Costa Rica, she also spent a three year residency at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health where she taught Native American style beadwork, mask making, and ritual to the residents. 

Amy lived and taught at Centro Creativo in San Jose, Costa Rica and owned her own gallery/ workshop center called Transformations in Amherst MA.  All of Amy's experiences inform her art which is intuitive, eclectic, and whimsical.  She works in many mediums; her paintings are often comprised of acrylic, watercolor, ink, and findings such as beads, crystal, feathers, and glitter.  She often adds text into her pieces usually using magnets with words on them or other interesting choices.  Her paintings are often encased in frames that she decorates and designs to extend the piece beyond the canvas. 

Amy also designs a line of Groovy Goddess Sachet Dolls; these dolls are usually filled with lavender and are made of colorful felt, embroidery thread, and a myriad of findings such as feathers and beads.  Amy also has designed jewelry and has apprenticed in Native American style beadwork.  Sometimes she will add some of the beading into her pieces.  Amy also has made masks and body casts in which she has incorporated some of her beadwork.  At present, Amy is focusing on her Paintings and Groovy Goddess Sachet Dolls.  Most of her work is between 5 x 7 and 16 x 20 inches.  She also has prints available.  Her work is Goddess-centric or women focused and are culled from her own spiritual journey and that of those around her.  
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