"Living her first years of life in a large family in Barbados may have contributed to the fact that Sadee is a good person first, and an impressive professional second. Her warm humanity and fine moral foundations are what make Sadee a consultant who takes the anxiety out of being an artist. I feel completely comfortable working with her, as she savors each piece with genuine appreciation and openness, and then seamlessly secures  opportunities for her clients to step right out into the professional world. She is a founder of the exciting artistic environment here in Kingston N.Y. Sadee is a real, magic person."  - Sara Street, Artist & Director AAAV Inc.


"LIONESS!  YOU ROAR WITH COLOR............I am moved by your brush strokes.  I "see" you weaving a tapestry of the future long forgotten......YOU ARE MAGIC!" - Moya, Artist


"What I appreciate most about my growing relationship with Sadee and my association with La Leona Arts is her professionalism and vast knowledge of opportunities.  She is truly passionate about assisting artists in achieving their goals and her confidence provides a strong foundation for all our projects. I have accomplished much through out her 3 years of consultation.  I have built a professional portfolio and resume; created a real record keeping system for my work that I honestly value and can use; exhibited in many local venues; gotten my name in print; and now have a real strategy to move forward as a professional artist.  I look forward to our future collaborations." - Suzanne V. Paddock, Painter


"Working with La Leona Arts was one of my most invigorating and inspiring experiences as an artist!  The level of work and professionalism were exactly what was needed to take our endeavors to the next level and beyond." - Christopher Fabor Muhammad, CEO/ Founder, Creative Force Inc.


"I am the proud owner of a Sadee Brathwaite painting, 'Eye of Smolder'.  Sadee's use of color jumps off the canvas right into my soul.  Her work speaks to me on a deep level. 

As a newly emerging fiber artist, I needed some guidance and turned to Sadee.  She has been a wonderful art consultant.  She has provided me with invaluable feedback on my artwork, as well as practical guidance which helped me to show my work in a variety of settings.  She is my mentor, for which I am very fortunate". - Barbara Dorfman, Mixed Media Tapestry Artist  


"Sadee's art is a gift to my eyes and spirit.  Her new [Cosmic Daughters] paintings are more beautiful and powerful than ever.  She should never stop painting." - Susan Hoover, Poet, Teacher


"Sadee carries out the responsiblities associated with her duties as a member of the [Arts Society of Kingston] gallery committee in a professional manner, always with attention to detail.  She has worked effectively with our staff to help produce several shows and events.  Working as a team with our Communications Director, Sadee co-produced the ASK Open Studios Tour in October 2008.  The organizational and interpersonal challenges of such an effort are many, and Sadee proved very capable of meeting all of them effectively and with grace.  It's a pleasure to work with her." - Vindora Wixom, Executive Director, Arts Society of Kingston


"Sadee and the La Leona Arts team are a group of genuine nurturing souls with the main interest of spreading the joy of the arts to everyone and anyone.  I know the work they do makes a real difference in many people's lives." - Anthony Pellegrino, Former Programs Associate for Cultural Services at ArtsWestchester


"I love Sadee's art!  The colors, the layers, the subjects...Her paintings keep growing on me." -  Joni Wellness, Master Yoga Instructor, Health Coach


"La Leona Arts is an innovative endeavor of Sadee Brathwaite.  Her commitment to supporting and enhancing the arts is a great benefit to art lovers and to the community at large.  As an artist, I have found her show opportunities and upcoming exhibition information to be very helpful.  I participated in the March 2009 Showcase.  Sadee did a fantastic job hosting and I look forward to working with her again in the future." - Kami Eisenhardt, Visual Artist, Photographer 


"Sadee Brathwaite is a genuine supporter of the arts.  Whether you're a visual artist, musician, writer, actor, or choreographer, feel assured she is in your corner.  It has been a privilege to know her." - Toni Quest, Visual Artist, Poet, Teacher


"I have utlized Sadee's service as a consultant.  Sadee is very competent, professional and exact in doing her work.  She is pleasant, thoughtful and punctual when working on a project.  In the curation of an exhibit, Sadee is professional in all aspects.  She does well with PR, the actual presentation of the exhibit itself and every artist participating can feel comfortable knowing that Sadee is handling everything." - S. Panton Parker, Artist, Writer, Performer


"Sadee Brathwaite is an extraordinary gift to the art world.  Her work is strong and confident, while also exhibiting a lyrical quality, as if sound were emanating from her canvases and drawings.  They are empowering to regard and colorful in a way that is deeply enriching to the soul.  

In addition to all this, Sadee is that rarest of spirits - she has an unwavering commitment to building and nurturing a community of artists - both on local and worldwide levels.  Watch this woman, but don't blink - she's going far!" - Ione, Artistic Director of Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.  


"Her beautiful smiling energy keeps everything flowing smoothly and happily!" - Pauline Oliveros, Founder of Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. 


"Working with Sadee has always been an awesome experience.  Her knowlege in the arts and her amiable personality makes her a pleasure to work with.  I have been consulting with Sadee as I launched my MIRU brand and as I expand my artwork.  Her advice on both of these processes has been professionally lucrative.  I look forward to learning and working with her in the future." - Miranda Varela, Visual Artist, Entrepreneur 


"It was so nice working with Sadee.  Besides being talented painter, she's full of warmth and knowledge.  I consider her a friend." - Jennifer Boylan, Visual Artist 



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