Call for Dream Box Makers

Thursday, Sep 6: Call for Dream Box Makers
Posted by Sadee


Join our community of dreamers

Kingston, NY – Now through October, Deep Listening Institute is accepting submissions of Dream Boxes made by local artists.  Traditionally Dream Boxes are fanciful containers that are receptacles for dreams.  They are placed at Dream Depots- local businesses that are celebrating the festival.

The Boxes are created by dreamers of all ages from pre-schoolers to high school students to mature artists. Dreamers are encouraged to contribute one or more dreams to the Boxes. These can be contributed anonymously or with a special Dream Name depending on the dreamer's wishes.  The collection of dreams is an expansion of our community of dreamers.  Artists and dreamers celebrate world-wide with Dream Boxes in their homes and cities.

Deep Listening Institute is seeking elegant Dream Boxes that can be of any size and dimension.  The one requirement is the ability to remove the dreams that have been deposited.  Awards for most dreamy, most outrageous and quirky, among others will be given out by Artistic Director Ione on Saturday, November 3rd.  DEADLINE FOR DROPOFF IS OCTOBER 1ST.

To schedule a dropoff or for more information, contact Deep Listening Institute at 845-338-5984,


About Ione’s 17th Annual Dream Festival

The Festival is an international celebration of dreams and dreamers featuring art, music, film, performance and dream telling.  Based in Kingston, the Dream Festival is a chance to celebrate our dreams by creating a community of dreamers.  This year’s festival theme is “Abundance.”

Deep Listening Institute's Artistic Director Ione explains, “I am interested in fostering a Dream Community. Dreams are our deepest source of creativity and dreams are always truthful about our feelings. Since all humans and most animals dream, sharing dreams and dream creations can help dissolve the cultural and class demarcations that keep us separate from one another. Dream awareness can help us lead more authentic lives. “

About Deep Listening Institute

Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. located in Kingston, NY fosters a unique approach to music, literature, art and meditation, and promotes innovation among artists and audience in creating, performing, recording and educating with a global perspective.  The Deep Listening Institute fosters creativity in artists of all ages and levels of artistic development by holding workshops, retreats, performing and publishing new work; and developing new performance technologies.


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