Khemet Calling

Monday, Nov 21: Khemet Calling
Posted by Sadee

Visual Artist Sadee Brathwaite & Vocalist/ Performance Artist Lisa Barnard Kelley are building The Temple in Kingston, NY - A multi-media art installation based on their journey to Egypt.

Submit a prayer, either personal or public, as a wish or intention, for them to take on their journey as they create art/ sound for peace.

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Free Kids' Dream Box Workshop

Monday, Oct 24: Free Kids' Dream Box Workshop
Posted by Sadee

Ione’s 16th Annual Dream Festival Kids’ Dream Box Workshop
Saturday, October 29, 11 am to 1pm
Kingston Library, 55 Franklin St, Kingston, NY 12401

Kingston, NY – On Saturday, October 29th from 11 am to 1 pm, Ione’s 16th Annual Dream Festival invites the young artists in the area to Kingston Library for a free art workshop.  Facilitated by artist Sadee Brathwaite, this year's kids workshop will focus on creating and decorating your very own Dream Box.  Use a wide variety of child-friendly materials to create one of a kind keepsakes and/ or help create the Kids' Dream Box submission for Deep Listening's Dream Boxes exhibition on November 11.  Dream Boxes are fun receptacles that contain your sleeping and waking dreams.  Bring your own box or choose from one provided.  Open to artists age 4 - 12.  Kingston Library, 55 Franklin Street, Kingston, NY.  845.331-0507.  For more information about Dream Festival events, visit

Kids' Dream Box Workshop
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Win a free ticket to 100 Artists/ 100 Dreams Film Premiere!

Saturday, Sep 24: Win a free ticket to 100 Artists/ 100 Dreams Film Premiere!
Posted by Sadee

100 Artists/ 100 Dreams The Film Premieres Saturday October 1st

Enter to win a free ticket to the Premiere!

All you have to do is "Like" 100Artists/100Dreams on FACEBOOK

Ticket includes a glass of special "Dream Cocktail"
created by mixologist Kyle Kelley 

Winner announced Tuesday, October 27 on FACEBOOK

100 Artists/ 100 Dreams The Film
Gala Reception: 6:30pm 
Film Screening: 8pm
Stella May Gallery Theatre
101 Greenkill Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401


100 Artists/ 100 Dreams logo
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100 Artists/ 100 Dreams Film Premiere & "Dreamers" Exhibition

Thursday, Sep 15: 100 Artists/ 100 Dreams Film Premiere & "Dreamers" Exhibition
Posted by Sadee

La Leona Arts presents

100 Artists/ 100 Dreams The Film

Premiering Saturday October 1, 2011
at Stella May Gallery Theatre
101 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, NY

Featuring national and international artists
Curated by Sadee Brathwaite

As part of Ione's 16th Annual Dream Festival

Opening Reception & Gala 6:30pm
w/ Beverages and Bites

Film at 8pm. *Tickets: $10/ $8 BUY NOW
*Includes a glass of special "Dream Cocktail"

Afterparty at MINT, 1 West Strand, Kingston
with "Dream Specials" by Chef Graziano

"Dreamers" features artwork by local participating artists
On view October 1 - 27, 2011
Hours by Appt. Call 845-331-7955

100 Artists/ 100 Dreams is a dream exploration project that explores the concept of artists as visionaries and keepers of the creative fires. The Film examines feelings & colors in dreams, the dream process, lucid dreaming, the collective unconscious and the role of artists in society.

By focusing on the creative, recurring and prophetic dreams of visual artists, performers and musicians the project investigates what artist dreams say about their lives, their communities and the world.

For artists photos and updates:

100 Artists/ 100 Dreams Film Premiere
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No Fear

Tuesday, Apr 19: No Fear
Posted by Sadee

"As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachers everywhere.  Like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered.  Like a madman beyond all limits, go wherever you please and live like a lion completely free of all fear."--Ancient Tibetan text

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The Lion's Roar

Saturday, Oct 23: The Lion's Roar
Posted by Sadee

The Lion's Roar

We each need to make our lion’s roar—to persevere with unshakable courage when faced with all manner of doubts and sorrows and fears—to declare our right to awaken. We need to take the one seat, as the Buddha did, and completely face what is true about this life. Make no mistake about this, it is not easy. It can take the courage of a lion or a lioness, especially when we are asked to sit with the depth of our pain or fear.

–Jack Kornfield, from “Take the One Seat,” Tricycle, Summer 1993 

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Why "La Leona"?

Thursday, Aug 12: Why "La Leona"?
Posted by Sadee

Why "La Leona"?
La Leona means the lioness in Spanish.  And in ancient Egyptian mythology one of the most powerful and greatest lion headed goddesses was called Sekhmet. 

Sekhmet once called upon serves as a protector; sheltering the good and destroying the wicked.  She embodies the fire of the sun and carries the flame of enlightenment.  She has the knowlege and discipline necessary to control the energy she awakes without destroying herself.  As the patron goddess of La Leona Arts she represents passion, courage, strength and intense creative power. Hotep!  

(one who is) powerful
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Thursday, Jul 29: Welcome!
Posted by Sadee

Welcome to the La Leona Arts Blog!! 

Featuring Musings, Open Calls and critical Arts Info.  Will also be posting all of the lovely events you send me but am unable to email out in the weekly blast due to high volume.  So check back often to view what's going on in YOUR Arts network...near and far! 
*Very important:  If you want something posted email Sadee (at) and make sure your images are in jpeg format for quick upload.  Looking forward to this newest venture in community development. 

ps.  Comments welcome...just sign in to leave one. 

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